Rio De Janeiro

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A humorous mystery novel whose protagonist is an American woman in Brazil, searching for the woman whose novels she translates into English. Emma, the protagonist, feels very close to her author, Beatriz Yagoda, through her works as well as her yearly visits with her. Once she hears that Beatriz has disappeared, seeming into a tree with her suitcase and cigar, she immediately packs her bag and heads to Brazil, much to the chagrin of her boyfriend. Brazil, and the exciting search for Beatriz, seem a separate and freer world for Emma, one where she is happier and more herself.

Ways to Disappear is a novel by Idra Novey, published in 2016.


  • A trip filled with hilarity, magical realism, stories within stories.
  • Learn the difference between American and Brazilian lifestyles in a very accurate and entertaining way.
  • An enjoyable ride.


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