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Set in Beijing, during the Cultural Revolution in China, Ye Wenjie, an astrophysics alumnus from Tsinghua University, is recruited by two military physicists working under Red Coast (a Chinese initiative to use high powered radio waves to damage spy satellites) who require Ye’s skills in physics. Ye discovers the possibility of amplifying outgoing radio waves by bouncing them off the sun and sends an interstellar message. Eight years later, by now in a loveless marriage with Yang, Ye receives a message from a concerned alien pacifist from the planet Trisolaris, warning her not to respond or else the inhabitants of Trisolaris will locate and invade Earth. Ye, who has come to despise humankind, responds anyway, inviting them to come to Earth to settle its problems.

The Three-Body Problem is a hard science fiction novel by the Chinese writer Liu Cixin.


  • Remarkable, revelatory and not to be missed.
  • Evokes the thrill of exploration and the beauty of scale.
  • Learn about politics, philosophy and virtual reality at a thriller’s pace.


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