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This quasi-detective tale follows an unnamed, chain-smoking narrator and his adventures in Tokyo and Hokkaido in 1978. The story begins when the recently divorced protagonist, an advertisement executive, publishes a photo of a pastoral scene sent to him in a confessional letter by his long-lost friend, ‘The Rat.’ He is contacted by a mysterious man representing ‘The Boss,’ a central force behind Japan’s political and economic elite who is now slowly dying. The Boss’ secretary tells him that a strange sheep with a star shaped birthmark, pictured in the advertisement, was in some way the secret source of the Boss’ power and that he has two months to find that sheep or his career and life will be ruined.

A Wild Sheep Chase is the third novel by Japanese author Haruki Murakami.


  • A youthful, slangy, political and allegorical journey.
  • A trip that blends elements of American and English literature with Japanese contexts.
  • Includes a visit to Hokkaido.


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